Mix and Match: Upgraded Yamaha MG Series Mixers

BUENA PARK, Calif. — Yamaha announces its rollout of six upgraded MG Series analog mixers, adding to the four models introduced earlier this year. Drawing on Yamaha's extensive experience and expertise in sound processing, these new mixers include features inherited from the company's professional mixing consoles and offer intuitive operation, crystalline sound and components that are optimized to work together.

MG166cx mixer
"Our new MG Mixer series strikes a perfect balance between cost and performance," said Wayne Hrabak, marketing manager, Live Sound, Yamaha Pro Audio & Combo Division. "People want utility mixers to be small and light while sounding great, and that's just what these mixers provide."

The new mixers come with easy-to-use compressor knobs. Conventional compressors can be tricky to operate, since they generally require setting a number of parameters to match the source. To simplify this procedure, Yamaha originally introduced "single-knob" input compressors on its EMX line of powered mixers. This feature proved so successful that users began asking when it would be included in non-powered mixers, as well. In response, all of these new MG models offer the ability to dial in the right amount of compression simply by turning a single knob until things sound right.

MG102C mixer
The new MG166C and MG206C mixers' deep feature sets include Neutrik™ XLR connectors, redesigned faders, an environmentally friendly finish and high-output LED metering that is legible even in daylight. They also include EQ, advanced circuit design and high-quality microphone preamplifiers.

The MG166CX and the MG166CX-USB mixers incorporate Yamaha's digital SPX multi-effect processor. As the USB suffixes on their model numbers imply, the MG16/6CX-USB, MG166C-USB and MG206C-USB include USB ports and are specifically included to simplify and enhance live recording. The three USB models come with Steinberg Cubase AI4, a version of the industry-leading production and recording software.

"These new high-performance mixers are lightweight and compact without compromising in terms of features, durability or performance," said John Schauer, product manager, Live Sound, Yamaha Pro Audio & Combo Division.

The MG166C, the MG166CX, the MG166C-USB, the MG166CX-USB, the MG206C and the MG206C-USB are currently available.

For more information, visit Yamaha at Winter NAMM 2008 in the Anaheim Marriott, Marquis Ballroom; write Yamaha Corporation of America, Pro Audio & Combo Division, Live Sound, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622; telephone (714) 522-9011; e-mail infostation@yamaha.com; visit www.yamaha.com/proaudio.