Yamaha 285 Total Percussion Series Enables Beginning Musicians to ‘Grow as They Go’

Yamaha 285 Total Percussion Series Enables Beginning Musicians to 'Grow as They Go'


ANAHEIM (January 19, 2017) — Yamaha today launched its 285 Total Percussion Series, offering beginning percussion students an easy-to-play instrument that has a quality sound consistent with the larger instruments on which they will one day perform.

The upgraded series from the popular 275 models, was designed to be flexible so parents, students, and educators can pick and choose which elements they want, with the option of adding more in the future. It was also designed to be lightweight, an important consideration for students bringing instruments to and from school. Typical student percussion kits can be heavy and cumbersome but with the new 285 series' smaller snare drum and modular component system, a student only needs to bring to class what he or she needs for rehearsal.

This series includes a durable soft backpack-style case with reflective safety stripes and a unique 13" x 3" wood snare kit that combines light weight with quality sound and feel. The modular case design allows easy pairing with a two-level height adjustable rolling cart and bell kit. The simple, durable snare strainer ensures trouble-free use while an internal snare mute is included for quiet practice. A short base snare stand is lightweight, yet sturdy. Lightweight aluminum bells start on F instead of G to reduce confusion for beginners, while the X-style bell stand offers convenience and stability. Rounding out the kit are Vic Firth SD-1 drumsticks, an 8" tunable practice pad, bell mallets, and an optional rolling cart.

"With a strong focus on music education, all of us at Yamaha strive to provide beginning percussionists with instruments that will inspire creative music making," says Troy C. Wollwage, marketing manager, Yamaha Percussion. "Beginning percussionists will love the sound of these instruments, as well as the great flexibility it affords their parents as their children are able to grow as they go."

Pricing and Availability

SK-275 Mini Snare Kit w/back pack
SK-285R Mini Snare Kit w/back pack and roller
SPK-285 Bell Kit w/back pack
SPK-285R Bell Kit with w/back pack and roller
SCK-285R Mini Combo Kit w/back pack and roller
SC-285 Rolling Cart for Student Kits
SK-285 Snare Drum kit

The Yamaha 285 Total Percussion Series (MSRP $339 to $772, depending on the system; rolling cart is $47) will ship in January 2017.

For more information, visit the Yamaha Booth at the 2017 NAMM Show in the Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Marquis Ballroom, January 19-22, 2017, or http://4wrd.it/STUDENTPERCUSSION