Yamaha Adds New Control Capabilities to CL/QL/TF Consoles with QLab Software and Python Script Integration

Buena Park, Calif. (June 10, 2019)Yamaha is giving engineers more control over their productions by adding compatibility with QLab show control software and the latest Python script templates to the CL, QL and TF series of digital mixing consoles.
Python is a general-purpose programming language designed for easy third-party coding and QLab show control software, from Figure 53, supports commonly used external scripts. The combination of both technologies with the Yamaha consoles, already widely used in live broadcast, musical and theatrical productions, now enables users to remotely control scene recall, fader operation and channel on/off switching, as well as easily rewrite individual parameters or groups of parameters to control any scene and channel.
The integration also lets users automate lighting, video and audio from one console, and control multiple devices with one command. In systems where connectivity is key, Dante audio networking and QLab control can now co-exist on the same network.
“QLab has always been about the marriage of the technical and the artistic,” said Chris Ashworth, CEO of Figure 53. “We built this software to make it easier for artists around the world to make live shows and we're thrilled that this integration with Yamaha consoles will further that mission.”
“As live productions grow larger and more elaborate in size and scale, show control is becoming an increasingly important capability for engineers,” said Glenn Booth, director of marketing, Professional Audio, Yamaha Corporation of America. “By providing easy operability for our mixing consoles with Python scripts and QLab software, engineers can run complex shows with higher quality and more elaborate production values, delivering a better product for their clients.”