Yamaha Announces URC Driver, Adding Two-Way and Multi-Room Audio Control to More Than 50 MusicCast Models

BUENA PARK, Calif. (March 12, 2019)Yamaha today announced the availability of a software driver for URC that adds two-way control and MusicCast multi-room audio compatibility to more than 50 Yamaha home audio products. The driver supports Total Control 2.0, the next-generation whole home automation and control system from URC.
While URC, a global leader in automation and control systems, has long offered software drivers for Yamaha AV receivers, this new driver greatly expands the number and range of supported Yamaha products. In fact, a single driver can now control all Yamaha MusicCast products, including AVENTAGE and RX-V series AV receivers, sound bars, wireless streaming amps, wireless speakers and Hi-Fi receivers. The driver provides the perfect way to control the new Yamaha Quad Streamer (XDA-QS5400RK) in custom-integrated whole home audio installations.
"The new URC driver significantly expands the flexibility and range of solutions available to custom integrators with Yamaha home audio products," said Robert Goedken, general manager, AV division, Yamaha Corporation of America. "Our MusicCast line unites state-of-the-art home entertainment with high-performance multi-room audio, and now it can all be easily controlled as part of the leading URC whole-home automation system."
The driver may be used with either a single Yamaha device or with multiple devices in a whole-home audio configuration. It offers full, two-way control for all MusicCast streaming services that support two-way communication, such as Pandora®, SiriusXM Internet Radio, Deezer, TIDAL, Napster and internet radio. Notably, this driver offers enhanced control of Yamaha AV receivers even when used in a standalone installation.
The URC driver supports control of playback in each room, including metadata depending on the input (e.g. album art and artist/album/song/station info), a "scrolling list" for easier selection of songs and stations, quick linking and unlinking of rooms, and selection of inputs.
MusicCast empowers music and entertainment lovers to stream audio through cloud-based music sources - as well as from music stored on networked computers, smartphones, and tablets - to MusicCast-equipped audio products in multiple rooms of a house over a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network. In addition, select MusicCast devices can redistribute music from external audio sources plugged into their inputs, including turntables and TV set-top boxes. MusicCast also supports playback of high-resolution audio files for a true high-fidelity listening experience with exceptional sound realism and detail.

Pricing and Availability

The new driver is currently available. Download it for free from the URC Dealer Portal at http://www.urcportal.com and import it into the URC Accelerator software. Use the new driver in place of the existing Yamaha AV receiver drivers in URC Accelerator. Visit www.universalremote.com to learn more about URC.
To learn more about Yamaha home audio products and MusicCast technology, please visit https://yamaha.io/2HmP1y9.