Yamaha Announces ProVisionaire Version 3.8 Update  

November 9, 2020 — Yamaha is excited to announce the latest version of the ProVisionaire Control (Windows) and ProVisionaire Touch (iOS) software applications, adding support for RM series devices and IDK video switchers.

Yamaha ProVisionaire software allows enhanced, wireless remote control of a broad range of Yamaha  and Nexo PA products via fully customized, virtual control panels operated with Windows (ProVisionaire Control) or iOS (ProVisionaire Touch) devices. Even users with no programming or sound reinforcement experience can use templates to arrange faders, switches, photos and other widgets on a single display page via the intuitive tablet device interface , easily creating touch-controlled surfaces that are a perfect match for their individual commercial spaces such as conference rooms, retail stores, restaurants, banquet halls, and more. ProVisionaire Control also features unified device monitoring functionality for Yamaha pro audio equipment, allowing easy, rapid detection of faults that aren’t readily visible from a device’s exterior, while logs make it simple to identify the source of a problem.

The new version 3.8 update will expand support for audio systems, integrating RM series components from Yamaha’s ADECIA solution, a lineup of communication products released by Yamaha in early September that is designed to provide user-friendly, customizable audio systems that deliver professional quality sound in business-oriented environments/meeting spaces. These products are one-stop sound solutions for remote communication that can be configured automatically and adjusted with ease. The ADECIA lineup comprises VXL Series line-array Dante PoE powered speakers, a Yamaha Dante-optimized network switch, Yamaha’s new RM-CG dynamic beamforming ceiling array microphone, and the RM-CR remote conference processor. ProVisionaire already supports VXL PoE powered speakers, and with the new Version 3.8 update users will be able to remotely control the RM-CG and RM-CR’s parameters , making the ADECIA solution even easier to operate and manage. 

The Version 3.8 update also provides support for the MSD-402 and MSD-701UHD video switcher devices from IDK, a Pro-AV equipment manufacturer  that designs, develops, and produces state-of-the-art products used for corporate, educational, entertainment, healthcare, retail, and surveillance applications around the globe. This update will give users additional remote picture-in-picture and power supply control, providing broader compatibility between Yamaha and IDK devices and more comprehensive system control for conference rooms, halls, multipurpose halls, and theaters that handle both audio and video content.

“We developed the ProVisionaire software applications to enhance and ease the often challenging management and control of a sound reinforcement system, particularly for commercial environments and operated by users lacking in relevant experience” said Motome Tanaka, Yamaha Group Manager of the PA Marketing & Sales Group.  “With the release of the ProVisionaire 3.8 update with additional support for the RM series and IDK video switchers to expand the growing range of compatible devices and support a broader base of conferencing, and even audio-visual applications at a time when remote features and compatibility offer a significant advantage.”

About IDK Corporation:

IDK Corporation, is headquartered in Kanagawa Japan with sales, fulfillment and service operations in USA, Europe and Asia. As a customer-focused, Pro-AV equipment manufacturer, IDK designs, develops, manufactures, and rigorously tests our state-of-the-art Pro AV products at IDK’s own facilities in Japan.

Product portfolio includes: multi switchers, video converters, matrix switchers, and AV over IP systems. IDK’s Pro-AV solutions are in use around the globe, for corporate, educational, entertainment, healthcare, retail and surveillance systems.

Yamaha ProVisionaire Control

ProVisionaire Control

Customizable control panel software for Yamaha PA systems.

Yamaha ProVisionaire Touch

ProVisionaire Touch

Customizable Wireless iPad Control for Yamaha PA systems.