Yamaha PSR-SX600 Offers Unprecedented Bang for the Buck in an Arranger Workstation Keyboard

BUENA PARK, Calif. (August 2, 2020)Yamaha today announced the PSR-SX600, a 61-key personal performance keyboard that draws on the company's best arranger workstation technology to offer a new benchmark of performance at a very approachable price. It replaces the PSR-S670 in a family of arranger keyboards whose advanced features derive from the flagship Yamaha Genos digital workstation.
Realistic, diverse, and engaging accompaniment Styles have always formed the core of Yamaha arranger instruments. The PSR-SX600 augments these with powerful new functionality. Via the Smart Chord feature, songwriters with or without keyboard proficiency can utilize the Style engine to sketch out fully orchestrated arrangement ideas. Then, the Unison Styles and Accent Styles bring a new dimension of authenticity to automatic accompaniment, making the sense of playing with a virtual backup band of expert musicians more convincing than ever. Plus, with expansion ROM and compatibility with free Yamaha Voice and Style Expansion packs, the PSR-SX600 presents a nearly limitless galaxy of musical possibilities.
New studio-quality DSP effects let the player add Real Distortion to a guitar Voice, Real Reverb to a piano, and much more, imparting just the right amount of color to the sound. A microphone input allows for singing through the PSR's effects and EQ, and features a vocal cancel function for karaoke sing-alongs to pre-existing tracks. The player can then commit their idea to posterity via onboard audio recording in studio-quality WAV format, with time-stretching and pitch-shifting for WAV data helping to create the perfect take. Separate part EQ for all Voices in a Style as well as "live" Voices played from the keyboard lets the musician mix like a professional engineer.
The PSR-SX600 is designed to work without a computer and always be ready to record, giving solo performers, songwriters, and hobbyist musicians alike all they need to craft complete and highly polished songs. Nonetheless, USB audio and MIDI connectivity is on hand to facilitate seamless integration with the rest of one's music technology world.
A new high-quality digital-to-analog converter (DAC) ensures the most pristine, audiophile-quality sound from the PSR-SX600. The stunning angular design and brilliant color screen are a visual clue to the music-making power beneath the surface, and two assignable Live Control knobs allow for real-time adjustment of key aspects of the sound — as one would do on a pro synthesizer. A robust stereo sound system means the PSR-SX600 can be played anywhere, with a stereo line output allowing for connection to external combo amplifiers or P.A. setups.
"The new PSR-SX600 is a welcome addition to our lineup of Arranger Workstation keyboards," says Ben Harrison, Product Marketing Manager, Digital Pianos and Portable Keyboards, Yamaha Corporation of America. "Its affordable price point should not fool anyone into doubting its powerful feature set. The new Unison and Accent Styles offer flexibility to perform like never before. With a microphone input and DSP effects, a built-in USB audio/MIDI interface, and Smart Chord functionality, this wallet-friendly workstation has everything you need."

Pricing and Availability

The Yamaha PSR-SX600 is expected to ship to retailers September 14, 2020, at a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $1,399.
For more information, visit https://yamaha.io/2T1JroH