Yamaha Launches New Over-Ear Wireless Headphones with 3D Sound, Head Tracking

BUENA PARK, Calif. (August 24, 2021)Listening to mobile video content at home or on the go will never be the same. Today, Yamaha is introducing a brand-new pair of wireless noise-cancelling headphones, the YH-L700A, featuring 3D Sound Field with head tracking. This technology transforms traditional two-channel listening into a 360-degree sound field with the push of a button, allowing listeners to experience movies and videos on their mobile devices with cinema-like realism – immersing them in the action on screen.
Playback can be customized based on the type of content and a listener's preference. Seven 3D sound modes are available, including Cinema, Drama and Music Video (for video content), Audio Room and Background Music (for music), and Outdoor Live and Concert Hall modes (for performances – big and small – on any social or video streaming platform). 3D Sound Field works with any stereo content from virtually any source, including both iOS and Android devices, as the audio processing is handled inside the headphones.
With head tracking, playback responds in real-time to the orientation of the listener's head in relation to the device playing the content. When combined with 3D Sound Field capabilities, the result is an extraordinary transformation of sound realism, making listeners feel as if they are actually "there" – such as the best seat in a movie theater or front row of a live concert.
"From Wi-Fi to 5G, streaming great video content has never been easier or better. The capabilities and compatibility of the L700A headphones allow listeners to realize the full potential of mobile streaming with immersive, premium audio. It doesn't just stay with you – it surrounds you," said Alex Sadeghian, director, Consumer Audio, Yamaha Corporation of America.
"The technology in the L700A is an extension of our intimate understanding of both musical expression and immersive entertainment experiences," added Sadeghian. "Surround sound realism is no longer restricted to the living room. With your phone or tablet in hand and the L700A within arm's reach, you can easily feel the True Sound of your favorite artists, movies and shows as if you were in the center of the action."


The unique, adaptive technology found in the L700A doesn't end with 3D sound and head tracking. In fact, the L700A features the full suite of proprietary technology from Yamaha that optimizes the listening experience for each person, based on his or her head shape, wearing conditions and surroundings. This includes:
  • Listening Optimizer. While some headphones on the market optimize sound using a single measurement at one moment in time, Yamaha Listening Optimizer works in real time, making ongoing measurements and subtly adjusting if the fit or wearing conditions happen to change, to ensure the best sound.
  • Advanced ANC. Ordinary noise cancelling solutions often "color" the sound, diminishing fidelity. Advanced ANC is different. It analyzes and removes background noise while keeping the music signal pure and untouched.
  • Ambient Sound. Stay aware of your surroundings and communicate with others, all while keeping your headphones on and playing music. Ambient Sound mode uses built-in microphones to capture external sounds, presenting them in the background of your audio.
  • Listening Care. Hear full-range sound – from high to low frequencies – even at low volume settings. Found in every model in the lineup of wireless headphones from Yamaha, Listening Care overcomes a challenge faced by typical earphones, where low volume listening leads to a pronounced reduction with certain frequency ranges.
"We've seen the World Health Organization estimate that by 2050, nearly 2.5 billion people are projected to have some degree of hearing loss," said Sadeghian. "In fact, the World Health Organization estimates over 1 billion young adults are at risk of permanent, avoidable hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices."
The long-term impacts may be especially compounded by daily wear of earbuds and headphones at high volume levels.
"Listening Care solves this issue, allowing lower volume listening by intelligently adjusting sound frequencies to maintain the full-range sound," explained Sadeghian.
The L700A features enhanced Listening Care functionality, which analyzes music and background noise in real time to automatically achieve the optimum balance at a listener's selected volume setting.
All settings and modes can be activated via the Yamaha Headphones Controller App, available for iOS and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play.


As the world's leading maker of musical instruments and audio gear, Yamaha applied its passion for True Sound expression into these flagship headphones. Powered by high-performance 40 mm. dynamic drivers, the L700A headphones offer natural sound and clear definition, with detailed highs, natural mid tones and deep, rich bass. All of which can be felt at any volume level when coupled with the proprietary Listening Care technology.
Premium audio performance is available via wireless and wired connections. Qualcomm aptX Adaptive allows for stable wireless connectivity and premium streaming quality. When a wired connection is desired, Hi-Res audio is delivered with a range of 8 Hz to 40 kHz.


The same attention to detail in the sound performance and adaptive technologies is echoed in the design, comfort and operability of the L700A.
Plush memory foam provides an excellent seal and lasting comfort for long listening sessions on the over-ear, closed back headphones. Soft fabric accentuates the outer design of the swiveling, foldable ear cups and adjustable headband. Tactile control buttons make it easy to control and operate music playback and summon your favorite voice assistant, with dedicated buttons on the device to activate modes such as 3D Sound Field and toggle between Advanced ANC and Ambient Sound mode.
Offering up to 34 hours of listening time per charge, the L700A can be conveniently folded into the included carrying case for easy transport, with storage inside for the included charging cable, flight adapter and audio cable.
  • Featured technologies: 3D Sound Field with Head Tracking, Listening Optimizer, Advanced ANC, Ambient Sound, Listening Care
  • Additional features: Bluetooth 5 with aptX Adaptive, simple controls (phone / voice assistants / music), up to 34-hours of wireless battery life, folding and swiveling earcup design, app control
  • Included accessories: hard carrying case, USB-C charging cable, audio cable, flight adapter
  • $499.95 MSRP, available in black, now shipping
Additional information on the YH-L700A can be found at usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/headphones/yh-l700a/index.html.
Explore the full lineup of Yamaha headphones models and technologies at yamaha.com/2/staytrue.