Presenting the Next Generation Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano, Crafted for Your Moment.

Tradition and Innovation in Harmony to Unite Player and Piano.

BUENA PARK, Calif. (March 2, 2022)Today Yamaha has announced the next generation of the award-winning CFX, a handcrafted concert grand piano that melds tradition and innovation to deliver the pianist's true artistic expression. Built by master craftsmen committed to blending the wisdom of the old world with innovations of the new, the new CFX concert grand piano offers an unabridged musical experience that has been refined over more than half a century.
"We launched the original CFX in 2010, following the culmination of 20 years of research and development," said Gary Klugman, Director of Marketing of Keyboard. "We have been crafting pianos for over 100 years and strive to continually improve the artistic experience. That's what led us to shaping the CFX through feedback from the world's most acclaimed pianists and to deliver an instrument that beautifully expresses musical intentions."
CFX pianos are built by expert craftsmen who, through years of experience, understand the delicate balance between absolute precision and the human touch. To unite artist and instrument, Yamaha used its Unibody Design Concept to drive the piano's evolution to enhance immersion and extended musical range. Carefully, hand-selected materials create an extraordinary union of projection and richness in every note. From delicate pianissimo to powerful fortissimo, the CFX provides players more responsive touch, furthering the connection between player and piano.
The work of building the finest pianos is never finished as knowledge from over a century of crafting grand pianos for the world's most prestigious concert halls and competitions has been passed down through Yamaha artisans, but traditional methods and innovations continue to help reimagine our pianos today.
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