Yamaha Expands Drum Hardware Lineup

The flagship hardware series continues to bring unmatched responsiveness and expressive control for drummers

BUENA PARK, Calif. (Jan. 25, 2024)Today, Yamaha announced the availability of three all-new drum hardware products: the HHS9D double-legged hi-hat stand, LC9 quick clutch, and CWHSAT9 multi-use clamp.
The highly anticipated HHS9D has joined its brother, the FP-9 Foot Pedal Series, to provide unmatched responsiveness and expressive control for drummers of any genre. Independent swivel legs allow players to position their pedals exactly as they please, while the foot pedal adjustment dial and indicator take the strain and guesswork out of tension adjustments.
“With the incredibly innovative independent swivel legs and substantial hi-hat design, this is a perfect partner to the FP9 Series of foot pedals and great addition to gigging drummers’ arsenal.” said Matt Rudin, product marketing manager, drums, Yamaha Corporation of America. “Features such as the metal cymbal seat, give cymbals a crisp sound, and the throw and go base plate and alloy tension adjustment dial, make the HHS9D one of the easiest to use and most durable hi-hat stands I’ve ever seen.”
In addition to its use in the HHS9D double-legged hi-hat stand, the LC9 quick clutch is also available for purchase as an accessory. Hi-Hat setup and adjustments have never been more straightforward, thanks to the LC9’s innovative upper double lock nut and lower twist-to-set clutch nut.
The versatile CWHSAT9 multi-use clamp may be attached onto a bass drum hoop for use with a cowbell, used to hold a boom arm for cymbal stands, or connected to the HHS9D hi-hat stand for quick accessibility.
Yamaha HHS9D Hi-Hat Stand Features At-a-Glance

  • Independent Swivel Leg
  • LC9 Quick Release Clutch
  • 360 Memory Lock
  • One-Touch Footboard Angle Adjustment
  • Tension Adjustment Dial and Indicator

New Yamaha hardware is available in stores and wherever drum hardware is purchased beginning in May 2024. For more information on each product, please visit: