Yamaha Expands Line of Audio Mixers for Multiplayer Gamers and Streamers

The new ZG02 gaming mixer offers streamlined controls and a compact design

BUENA PARK, Calif. (January 31, 2024)Today, Yamaha announced the launch of the ZG02, the latest offering in the company’s audio mixers designed specifically for gaming. Ideal for multiplayer gamers and game streamers, the compact mixer with USB interface enables users to quickly adjust their game sound, chat, and voice levels on the fly. It also allows activation of voice effects, 3D surround sound and competitive-gaming focus modes, with full customization through a Windows/Mac app.
The ZG02 joins the Yamaha ZG Series, which offers gamers a new option of a smaller form factor, with streamlined controls, simplified inputs and outputs, at an attractive price point. It also offers new features over the current model, including a dedicated USB-C connection for PlayStation® 5/4 and Nintendo Switch consoles.
"Our new ZG02 gaming mixer is perfect for multiplayer gaming enthusiasts who are not satisfied with their current audio setup," said Alex Sadeghian, director of consumer audio at Yamaha Corporation of America. "While other game mixing solutions can be cumbersome and complex, the ZG02 offers a more tactile, compact and intuitive mixing experience with customizable effects controls."
Its intuitive controls give gamers the ability to quickly manage sound levels and effects in real time. Advanced software mic settings and voice effects (compression, limiter, reverb, pitch, radio voice and more) allow users to fine-tune and personalize their voice, while the one-touch buttons provide instant activation.
The ZG02 supports gaming headsets with a built-in or dedicated mic via the rear-panel XLR / TRS combo jack, with 48V phantom power available for condenser mics. 3D surround sound and unique gaming focus modes also immerse users in the action and provide an edge for competitive gaming.
The ZG02 features a versatile USB interface for Windows/Mac computers, and a dedicated USB connection for PlayStation® 4/5 or Nintendo Switch. The specialized USB driver allows audio to be assigned to two different apps — perfect for use with Discord and OBS/Streamlabs. It's also compatible with the Elgato Stream Deck family of controllers.
The ultimate companion for the ZGO2, ZG Controller software (for Windows/Mac) is available via free download at usa.yamaha.com. It provides access to the deep settings and customization features that truly bring the mixer to life.

U.S. Pricing & Availability:

The ZG02 is available now in the U.S. for $199.95 MSRP. For more information about the gaming mixer visit Yamaha.io/ZG02.