Player Port Discontinued

This app has been discontinued and is no longer available. For similar items, please visit the Apps for iOS and Android™ category.

Player Port is currently designed to help beginner guitarists get started playing guitar. (*1)

The app is now equipped with a free tuner!

If you are a Yamaha guitar owner, you can register your instruments easily with your phone's camera and get exclusive tips and tricks, as well as access to Yamaha official support.

Please check the App Store or Google Play for information on supported OS and devices.

Free Automatic Tuner

Any guitarist can use the tuner without registering an instrument. It is easy for beginning guitarists to use. You can tune by referring to each pitch of the open strings of a guitar, bass or ukulele. (*2)

Free Automatic Tuner

Support Contents for Yamaha Owners

1. Image recognition within the app allows you to easily register products using your phone's camera. (*3)

Support Contents for Yamaha Owners

2. Customize your gear page and share your original header image on social networks.

3. Find tips and tricks, articles and videos with valuable information for beginning guitarists.

4. Find, save and access docs and manuals related to your instruments whenever and wherever.

5. Search 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ) using keywords to quickly answer questions about your instrument(s).

6. Submit questions directly to Yamaha if your issue cannot be resolved using the FAQ database. (*4)

7. In case you have a serious issue with your gear, you can immediately contact Yamaha using the inquiry form.


(*1) Player Port only supports guitar-related products (as of October 2019). We plan to update the app to include other products in the future.

(*2) For use with an electric guitar or bass: Please note that the tuner might not respond properly depending on your device. Connect guitar to an amplifier for accurate detection by tuner. This tuner may also be used by connecting the guitar and your mobile device to an audio interface.

(*3) Please note that the accuracy of image recognition cannot be guaranteed. We will utilize the photos you upload to improve this function.

(*4) Please note that, while we are not able to reply, we are improving the FAQ database based on your feedback.

Player Port Discontinued

Player Port is an app to support beginning guitarists, now with a built-in free tuner.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.