Player Port

Player Port is currently designed to help beginner guitarists get started playing guitar.

Register your instruments easily with your iOS camera, and get app exclusive tips, tricks and access to Yamaha! (*1)


1. Just point the camera at your instrument, and use image recognition to easily register your product. (*2)

2. Find Tips & Tricks articles and videos with valuable information for guitar beginners.

3. Access Docs & Manuals related to your gear. You can also save and refer them wherever you are.

4. Search FAQ by related keywords to solve questions about your gear.

5. A Suggestion Box allows you to send your FAQ suggestions anonymously if you could not find your questions in the FAQ. (*3)

6. In case you have a serious issue with your gear, you can immediately contact Yamaha using the inquiry form.

(*1) Yamaha Player Port only supports guitar-related products (as of Mar. 2019). We are planning to update the functions to extend the compatible products in the future.

(*2) Please note that the accuracy of image recognition of the products could not be guaranteed. We will utilize the photos you upload and continue to improve the function.

(*3) Please note that we are not replying but are improving the FAQ based on your posts.

Player Port

Player Port for iPhone/iPad is an app for Yamaha music products owners.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.