EPH-M200 High-performance Earphones with Remote and Mic Discontinued

Experience Sound Anew

The world’s first*1 earphones featuring β-titanium sound tubes.

A rich, natural sound produced by revolutionary technology.

A comfortable fit and a simple, beautiful form brings music closer than ever.

− Making your life happier through music −

This is the new sound of earphones.

*1: In-house research (as of April 2014)

EPH-M200 High-performance Earphones with Remote and Mic Discontinued

Featuring the world’s first sound tubes made from beta-titanium, an alloy with unique flexibility and strength properties, the tips conform perfectly to your ear canals. Combined with large-caliber drivers in a lightweight, ergonomic design, these in-ear headphones offer an unprecedented level of comfort and sound performance.

  • World’s first beta-titanium sound tubes for exceptional comfort and sound
  • Outstanding clarity, detail and tonal accuracy
  • Large-caliber dynamic drivers for clear, full-range sound
  • Five ear tip sizes for custom fit with excellent noise-isolation
  • Premium tangle-resistant cable with remote and mic
  • Carrying case included

World’s First Beta-titanium Sound Tube

The EPH-M200 features a specially designed beta-titanium sound tube for the ultimate in comfort and sound quality. The special housing and ear bud design fit snugly while the laser-cut tubes flex to maintain the shape of your ear canal. The reduced resonance and precise fit help achieve well-balanced bass and natural treble.

Solid titanium sound tube; Fits to the shape of the ear canal

Large-caliber Dynamic Drivers for Clear, Full-range Sound

With a large 5/8" driver and advanced Tangential Edge technology, the EPH-M200 earphones are designed to deliver impressive sound. The unique combination of stiff yet flexible material and a unique diaphragm shape produces exceptionally powerful bass and detailed, natural treble with superior comfort.

Five Ear tip Sizes for Custom Fit with Excellent Noise-Isolation

In addition to the standard S, M and L-sized ear buds, the EPH-M200 also comes with SS and LL sizes for the perfect fit..

Tangle Resistant Serrated Cable with Remote and Microphone

Features in-line remote control/microphone you can use to select tracks, adjust volume and talk on the phone or give voice commands. Compatible with iPhone® / iPod® / iPad®. The surface of the cable is serrated to reduce tangling and friction noise.

Color Matched Remote and Cable

The EPH-M200 features a color matched remote control and cable.

Stylish carrying case made of quality, textured material

The EPH-M200 comes with a carrying case made of textured material that is fingerprint-resistant.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.