Copper Shell Snare Drums

Nouveau Lugs

Noveau Lugs utilize a floating design that eliminates contact between the lug casting and shell by hitching the lugs to the bolts at the shell side so the shell can resonate freely. Their quick release design also provides for very quick head changes and reduces the risk of losing washers since it is no longer necessary to entirely remove the tuning bolts.

Designed to Deliver Greater Power

New Copper shells (1.5mm thick) are designed thicker than previous models (1.2mm thick) to deliver a more powerful tone.

Copper Shell Lineup Includes Small Diameter Snares

Brass shells are available in smaller diameter 13inch configurations. These sizes are good to use as an effect snare.


The 2.3mm DynaHoop offers a sharper response and more solid sound.

"Detachable Strainer" with Detachable Snare System

I type (Release) and IP type (Butt)

*IP type (Release side) can be attached to piccolo (4") snares.


Short Hi-carbon steel 20 strands (SN1420CP).

*Snare Plate (Pat. Pend.)

Yamaha snare plates offer superior snare to head contact due to the slight bend in their design. When the string is drawn tight, the edge of the patented snare plate is pulled upward putting the snare in full contact with the head. Snare plates

in the CP series are made using a special bonding agent between the plate and the coil that provides greater durability

and finer response compared to previous designs. Snare coils on CP series snare drums are now covered with a special

new finish that allows more of the material's tone to come through.

*Strong Snare Strings

Nylon strings are covered with a nylon braid for maximum strength and durability.