Dave Weckl Signature Models

Artist comment by DAVE WECKL

"I have enjoyed playing Yamaha drums for 30 years now. The craftsmanship and sound of the drums has remained constant through all these years, and I enjoy making the music I make with the drums that Yamaha Drums has made. Their attention to detail, quality and consistency is unparalleled in the industry. I am happy to have this long standing relationship with Yamaha Drums, and look forward to the future of making more great music, and playing more great sounding drums from Yamaha!My signature snare drums are of the most unique on the market. The dual strainer system is one of a kind, and provides a sound and versatility like no other snare ever made. I am very happy that Yamaha drums is making these 2 limited edition drums to celebrate my 30 years with the company. The original design Maple 5 x 13 is returning for this special run, and also a brand new Brass shell version 5.5 x 14 will debut as well. For the few that will be able to own one of these special drums, enjoy them. They are very special instruments!"

Dual Strainer (release side)

Dual Strainer (butt side)

30th anniversary badge