Marching Hardware & Accessories


Stadium Hardware by MAY®

Randall May Modular AIRlift ™ Stadium Hardware stands for marching snare, tenor, and bass drums

Marching Drum Carriers by MAY®

Randall May marching drum carriers feature an ergonomic, lightweight design with multiple adjustments to enhance comfort.



Noiseless mallet stand with wide height-adjustment range



Percussion stand used to support glockenspiels with cases and more

Bass Drum Mallet Holder

Perfect for easy mallet changes while on the field

Drum Keys

Drum and timpani keys for all situations

Marching Bass Drum Hoops

Yamaha 8300 and 6300 Series replacement marching bass drum hoops

Marching Hardware Components

Spacers and adapters for Yamaha marching snare drums and Yamaha marching toms

Drum Stick and Mallet Holders

Perfect for easy mallet changes while marching

Rim Saver

Protect your bass drum rim against dents and scratches

Sound Projectors

Used to produce the fullest sound possible

Tone Foam

Eliminates unwanted overtones

Tom Guard

Protective rubber trim keeps the bottom of marching tenors in top shape

YAC 1522

Heavy-duty with a nickel-plated finish

Yamaha Decals

Wave the banner with stickers for all sizes of Yamaha drums