Marching Hardware Components

Having the correct components is important to keep your drumline moving. All snare carriers come with the adapters required to attach a Yamaha Marching Snare Drum to a carrier. When ordered as a complete set, each Yamaha multi-tom comes with the required spacers. Some assembly is required. The multi-tom rail comes included with each carrier box, not with each tom set. The spacers and adapters will differ between the sizes of drums and the configuration of each multi-tom set.

When additional parts or adapters are required for replacement or upgrade, each may be purchased separately.

Yamaha Tenor Drum Assembly

Marching Hardware Components

Spacers and adapters for Yamaha marching snare drums and Yamaha marching toms

  • Free-Floating Lug Bridge (FFLB) installs without drilling into shell
  • Enhanced sonic properties created from nodal point lug casing attachment location
  • FFLB interconnects/suspends the tenor array while eliminating unwanted shell-to-shell point load compression
  • FFLB interconnected tenor drums are aligned/positioned to preferred sweet spots promoting correct playing technique
  • Preferred sweet spot playing positions between small and large arrays are identical in order to maintain learned muscle memory
  • Tenor array is perfectly flat eliminating potential sag with 13" and 14" drums
  • Reconfiguration from small to large array or large to small array only requires one additional drum with the appropriate FFLB set
  • FFLB further reduces weight

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.