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Many violins look alike, but how do you know which to choose?

We've put together 6 important things to ask when choosing a stringed instrument for your child.


Have peace of mind knowing you have selected a well-respected brand that offers customer support and a warranty that protects your investment.


Listen for clarity, warmth and the ability to project. Even for beginners, good sound is the foundation for progress.


Help your beginner get the best start on their musical path. The "Find Your Fit" ruler at Yamaha dealers helps you select the perfect instrument size.


Feel assured that your investment will take your child to the next level. A well-made instrument should be skillfully crafted and use quality materials.


See the smile on your child's face from the first note. A well set-up instrument, matched with a quality bow, makes it much easier for your child to progress.


Make an informed choice. Does the brand you choose follow environment friendly manufacturing and design processes, as well as responsible materials sourcing?

See how Yamaha does it:

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Yamaha Student Violins

Model 3: Good

  • violin cost icon Most economical
  • violin finish icon Plain finish, basic wood
  • violin deluxe icon Simple case, bow, and rosin

AV5: Better

  • violin cost icon Economical
  • violin finish icon Plain finish, upgraded wood
  • violin deluxe icon Upgraded case, bow, and rosin

AV7: Best

  • violin cost icon Slightly higher cost
  • violin finish icon Shaded finish, upgraded wood (flamed)
  • violin deluxe icon Deluxe case, bow, and rosin

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