Redesigned Bore Taper

A redesigned bore taper and thicker body walls deliver bright tone with deep resonance and a solid tonal core, even in quiet passages.

Sterling Silver Keys, Posts and Rings

Sterling silver keys, posts and rings contribute to rich resonance and broad expressive freedom.

Pointed Key Arms

Traditional French style pointed key arms add sophisticated appearance and increased reliability.

Straubinger™ Piccolo Pads

Straubinger™ piccolo pads are employed in a Yamaha piccolo for the first time, providing an excellent seal and clear response that bring out the instrument's full tonal potential. In addition to improved clarity and response, these pads offer long-term shape retention and durability.

New Head Joint Design

Extensive trial-and-error has led to a new headjoint design with a slightly squared embrochure hole shape that offers easier high-range and pianissimo playability. Also, the area around the embrochure hole features a wave shape that improves clarity of articulation, response and overall playability.

Case & Case Cover

The YPC-87R comes with a fitted case cover for extra carrying convenience in addition to a hard case.