AG Series Streaming Microphones and Mixers

Your audience awaits.

As the flagship model of the second-generation AG series, the AG08 combines all the essential functions of its predecessors with a versatile selection of practical new features, giving you a powerful, all-in-one streaming station. By integrating more flexible I/O and USB routing options, expanding foot switch functionality, as well as adding DSP effects and improved internal circuitry for class-leading sound, the AG08 is able to support an impressive depth of live streaming applications, as well as offline audio content creation. From single-user talking, gaming, ASMR, voice acting, or vocal/instrument performances, to multiple personnel applications on the scale of a full-blown variety show. With the extremely practical, endlessly versatile AG08 as your streaming system, you'll be sure to leave your audience wanting more.

Simple and intuitive audio control

Yamaha AG Series: Simple and intuitive audio control

Live streaming often requires spur-of-the-moment audio adjustments. The AG series’ controls were configured to make real-time alterations easy and intuitive - without compromising your streaming content.

Improved performance helps you reach a wider audience

Yamaha AG Series: Improved performance helps you reach a wider audience

The AG series features studio-quality DSP effects that give you added dynamics and performance options. Plus, a new 4-pole mini input/output jack allows you to use your smartphone for mirrored streaming applications, bringing even more versatility to your broadcasts.

Which AG is right for you?

Yamaha AG Series: Which AG is right for you?

The AG series is comprised of four models to suit your streaming content and experience level.

The AG01 has integrated its mixer functionality into a USB microphone. The AG03MK2 contains a fader interface, as does the AG06MK2 which is also capable of powering two condenser microphones simultaneously. The AG08 is an all-in-one unit with more flexible inputs and outputs, as well as real-time performance features that further enhance your live streaming, such as customizable sound pads and a voice changer.

All models are available in black or white.

Into the infinite world of streaming

There are endless forms of entertainment in the streaming world. The content, as well as its style, is extremely diverse - from simple single-person streaming applications, to those featuring multiple people.

Streaming has carried over into the business world, where remote meetings are occurring with more frequency via live stream.

The second generation of AG series offers a lineup of versatile streaming products designed to adapt to this ever-expanding streaming landscape.

Connect to a new world of infinite possibilities with the AG series.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.