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Audioversity offers training programs that can help anyone who works with audio deliver better sound for enhanced impact and communication in a broad range of applications. Refine your craft through a comprehensive selection of seminars, webinars, and self-training materials designed to build skills quickly and effectively. Audioversity currently reaches over 100,000 people in more than 50 countries with programs tailored to meet diverse needs, and it continues to grow. Whether you work with sound on a daily basis or are just starting out, join us to elevate your audio artistry to a new level and contribute to a better-sounding world.



Day 1: July 13 2021

Presenter: Daniel Bennett, François Deffarges

Description: Increase productivity while decreasing your system modeling time investment by utilizing Yamaha and NEXO design tools. Throughout the session Daniel Bennett and Carole Marsaud will discuss the benefits of designing with Yamaha and NEXO software.

Presenter: Daniel Bennett, Jim Johnson, Joe Rimstidt, Wes Hershberger

Description: With all the options available to solve problems, it is often difficult to know what the optimal solution is for challenging situations. Yamaha engineers will discuss how they approach interesting audio designs using the full family of Yamaha and NEXO products. Learn new ideas and techniques to consider when you are approaching your next "not-so-typical" design.

Day 2: July 14 2021

Presenter: Joel Howden

Description: Networks are dynamic environments and networking has quickly consumed the world of audio. Joel Howden will take us through the basics of the IP stack and best practices when designing a "future-proof" network for audio systems. We will also discuss unicast and multicast transmissions and how they apply to the audio network.

Presenter: Joel Howden

Description: In this session, we will examine the Yamaha approach to network management. Joel Howden explores Yamaha LAN Monitor software and Yamaha switch configuration for optimal visibility of a Yamaha network environment.

Day 3: July 15 2021

Presenter: Kevin Kimmel

Description: RIVAGE PM series digital mixing systems are more affordable than you think. Kevin Kimmel walks you through finding the right solution for various installations. He will discuss integration of CL, QL and RIVAGE PM series consoles and the benefits of RIVAGE PM series phase coherency as it relates to PA systems.

Presenter: Kevin Kimmel, Russ Long

Description: Discussion with RIVAGE PM series users, operators and designers in House of Worship, Corporate, Theatrical and Touring applications. Kevin Kimmel and Russ Long host four conversations with end users where the RIVAGE PM series has made itself at home.