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Making the most of Wireless Mixing with Mobile Device Apps

Making the most of Wireless Mixing with Mobile Device Apps

In this webinar, Yamaha’s pro audio application engineering team will explain how to make the most of mixing via apps on handheld devices for a wide range of Yamaha consoles, covering the basics of system setup and good wifi network management, how to quickly custom configure the apps for your needs and discover the many tricks and tips that can enhance your work flow and lead to freedom of where you mix from.

April 22nd, 2020

Yamaha/Audinate Webinar Special: “How to Upgrade your Dante Network”

This webinar was broadcast live on 14 Nov 2019, hosted by ProSoundWeb. Audinate’s Kieran Walsh, Application Engineering Director, and Yamaha’s Andy Cooper, Application Engineering Manager, present how existing Dante networks can be expanded, improved, made more secure and more reliable. Hear from customer Steve Simmons, Technical Director at Perimeter Church, Atlanta, GA, and follow the case study where Dante Domain Manager is set up and applied to the system. Anyone who designs or manages Dante networks, or wishes to gain that level of experience, will benefit from the content in this webinar. Perhaps your questions will be amongst those answered by the panel at the end?

RIVAGE PM: A House of Worship Special

Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 and PM7 systems have been chosen for many house of worship installations and events around the world. Find out how they can elevate your sound and enhance your workflow. Also, learn tips and tricks from some experienced professionals. In combination with Yamaha’s special relationship with Rupert Neve Designs, Dan Dugan Sound Design, and Audinate’s Dante networking technology, RIVAGE PM systems offer unique benefits to professional and volunteer sound engineers alike.

Programming Yamaha Remote Controls (Commercial Installed Solutions)

This webinar discusses the many options available to control various combinations of Yamaha DSPs, Digital Mixing Consoles and AV. It then provides detail on how to program the very latest touch screen remote from Yamaha named ProVisionaire Control plus a preview of the soon to be launched Version 3.5.

Yamaha CL & QL Advanced System Design Tips

Product specialists Andy Cooper and Karl Christmas as they go deeper into CL & QL mixing system design. Spend around 40 minutes learning tips from the experts, followed by a live question & answer session. Subjects touched during this technical webinar include how to connect wireless control devices, how to make a live recording, using two consoles and sharing the mic pre-amps, and using redundant Dante connections.

Yamaha CL/QL Basic System Design

Learn how to start building a system using Dante audio networking with Yamaha CL and QL mixers, and managing their connections with Rio units, wireless mic systems and Dante equipped speaker controllers. Karl and Andy talk you through the procedures and discuss tips with an experienced customer.