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For the first time ever, Yamaha boasts an intuitive user interface built for the digital-first user, rather than an interface built for the analog-first user — maximizing speed and efficiency. All while being able to maintain the ideal starting point of totally natural or “transparent” sound, commonly found in analog consoles. DM7 adapts to your workflow and provides new tools to allow the user to reliably curate the perfect mix, no matter how short your soundcheck is.

Thank you for your interest in DM7, we are excited to find the right DM7 solution to meet your needs! Please fill out this short form below and one of our sales team members will reach out to you! We also know that a mixing console is often only a small portion of an audio system, if you have questions or would like more information about other products, please feel free to add a description of your other system goals in the final comment.










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