The Yamaha YEV Electric Violin Series Receives the Top Design Award at the Design For Asia Awards

The Yamaha YEV Series electric violin has won the top Grand Award in the 2017 Design For Asia Awards competition. The latest design award presented to the Yamaha YEV is the fifth in a series of prizes awarded to this innovative violin, following the iF Design Award Gold Award (in 2017), the German Design Award (in 2017), the Red Dot Design Award (in 2017), and the Good Design Award (in 2016). The Grand Award marks the second time that Yamaha has received this design award, after receipt of a Grand Award for its Silent Brass instruments in 2015.

Electric Violin "YEV"

Inspired by craft and design elements of Yamaha acoustic guitars, Yamaha set out to design a new kind of electric violin made primarily from wooden materials. This instrument takes a design cue from both violin and acoustic guitar shapes, creating a beautiful yet amazingly lightweight instrument made with six different woods. These wood materials are carefully crafted with an airy infinity loop-like design, representing the dimensions of acoustic space, and is as stunning visually as it is fun to play. Using a unique Yamaha bridge pickup that carries over from professional Yamaha Silent Violins, this instrument delivers a smooth, organic and warm tone. The design incorporates a simple ¼" input to match the clean and natural aesthetic of this innovative electric violin.

Comment by Mr. Manabu Kawada, Head of the Yamaha Design Research Center

Designers at Yamaha think constantly about "creating products and services that will be loved by customers as lifelong companions." I believe this design award is evidence of the success of the Yamaha design philosophy, which aims to capture the true nature of its products and services. This is a very meaningful honor for Yamaha. Looking ahead, we will challenge our design work with renewed passion and continue to create and deliver products and services that will bring joy to our customers for many years to come.

DFA Asia Design Award

The Design for Asia Awards (sponsored by the Hong Kong Design Centre) is a design prize program that was instituted in Hong Kong in 2003 to celebrate design excellence and acknowledge outstanding designs with Asian perspectives. DFA awards are presented to companies and designers whose superior work reflects Asian lifestyles and are influential in the design field. Awards presented comprise Grand Awards, three Special Awards, and Division Awards that are presented in the four categories of "Apparel & Accessory Design," "Communication Design, "Product & Industrial Design," and "Environmental Design." In each of these divisions, a range of awards are made, including Gold Awards, Silver Awards, Bronze Awards, and Merit Recognitions.