Yamaha Introduces New Vibraphone To Create Harmony in Novice Instrumental Ensembles

ANAHEIM (January 16, 2020) ― Yamaha today introduced the YV-2030MS Vibraphone and the YVD-10 Vibraphone Variable-Speed Driver, improving upon the company's vibraphone line for students and aspiring musicians.

The new YV-2030MS Vibraphone, which replaces the current YV-520, and the new YVD-10 Vibraphone Variable-Speed Driver were crafted with elementary and middle school instrumental ensembles in mind. These instruments are essential to how young percussionists grow in their music programs and learn to use a vibraphone pedal.
The new Yamaha vibraphone, which includes a three-octave range (F33-to-F69), was re-designed with a new gas spring for easier height modification, which can be adjusted from 26" to 33.5" tall. The casters have been enlarged to a 3" in diameter (increased from the previous model's casters' 2.2" diameter) for improved mobility. The vibraphone also includes a revised damper system with a new parallel action damper, as well as new tone bars made of the same aluminum used to craft Yamaha celestas, which produces a soft, warm tone that's perfect for blending with other instruments in an ensemble.
The YVD-10 Variable-Speed Driver has a softer motor noise when compared to previous models and includes a new compact controller.
"These new vibraphones are an excellent choice for beginning band students who are just learning how to use the vibraphone pedals and exploring the dynamics of playing in an ensemble for the first time," said Troy C. Wollwage, marketing manager, Percussion, Yamaha. "The new aluminum tone bars and re-designed frame will not only fill classrooms with rich, warm sounds, but will also inspire percussionists to keep pursuing their love of music-making."

Pricing and Availability

The YV-2030MS (MSRP: $3,940.00) and YVD-10 (MSRP: $565.00) are sold separately and will begin shipping in March 2020.
For more information, please visit the Yamaha Booth at the 2020 NAMM Show in the Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Marquis Ballroom, January 16-19, 2020, or visit