Yamaha YPC-87R Piccolo Features Significant Enhancements for Better Intonation and Sound

ANAHEIM (January 16, 2020)Yamaha today introduced the YPC-87R piccolo, an exciting addition to the Yamaha line of flutes and piccolos.
Ideal for professional flute and piccolo players as well as those aspiring to reach their peak performance potential, the new piccolo responds to the current demands of players looking for a more agile sound, accurate intonation and better control at soft volumes and in the upper register.
Having consulted with musicians and experimented with many possible combinations of features, the Yamaha design team ultimately made four key innovations on the new model.
First, regular pads were upgraded to Straubinger™ piccolo pads to offer increased reliability in the seal of the tone hole. Additionally, the new piccolo features thicker body walls to allow for enhanced depth of sound, as well as a redesigned bore taper and a new headjoint with a slightly square embouchure hole. These alterations combine to provide more stable intonation and sound throughout the range for players at all levels, especially those performing in the most critical situations.
"This is another example of how Yamaha listens and responds to the needs of piccolo players at all levels," says Brian Petterson, senior manager, Winds & Strings, Yamaha. "Many players who play multiple instruments need a reliable piccolo that shimmers with color and nuance — and they can just pick up this new piccolo and play."

Pricing and Availability

The Yamaha YPC-87R piccolo (MSRP: $5,750.00) is available now.
For more information, please visit the Yamaha Booth at the 2020 NAMM Show in the Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Marquis Ballroom, January 16-19, 2020, or https://yamaha.io/YPC-87R