Yamaha Expands Lineup of Xylophones with New YX-1030PR

The 3-octave tabletop xylophone is designed to enrich music education and performance for beginners and beyond.

BUENA PARK, Calif. (Oct. 25, 2023) — Yamaha announced the availability of the new YX-1030PR Xylophone, a compact, lightweight and portable instrument designed to enrich music education. Just in time for the new school year, the 3-octave tabletop xylophone was created to elevate the performance and mastery of percussion playing for students beginning their musical journey in the classroom or at home.
Angle View of YX-1030PR Xylophone
The YX-1030PR boasts outstanding sound, playability and handling with bars and a frame designed using carefully selected materials to deliver exceptional tone in a remarkably lightweight instrument. The new xylophone also has a built-in handle, allowing budding musicians to practice in various settings.
"The launch of our new YX-1030PR Xylophone is part of our ongoing commitment at Yamaha to inspire young musicians and offer them the most enjoyable experience of learning a new instrument," said Joel Tetzlaff, product marketing manager at Yamaha Corporation of America. "We designed the YX-1030PR for music educators and students that seek a xylophone that is easy to play and will help them advance their skills."
Beyond being an effective steppingstone from bell kits, the YX-1030PR also prepares students for high school and university performance. Pao Rosa bars provide bright tones with strong projection, comparable to the physical and acoustic properties of the rosewood used in high-end Yamaha xylophone models, while the instrument's increased 38mm tone bar width enhances its dynamic range and provides a larger sweet spot for more technical two and four-mallet playing.
Musicians can place the instrument on a tabletop or purchase the YGS-70 X-Style stand, which offers a flexible height adjustment range of 25"–33".

Yamaha YX-1030PR Features At-a-Glance:

  • 3-octave tabletop
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Durable frame
  • Premium Pao Rosa bars
  • 1 ½" wide bars
The Yamaha YX-1030PR is now available for $1,748.00.
Additional information can be found at yamaha.io/YX1030PR.
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