Learning an instrument is a great way for your child to start experiencing the joys of making music. Students invested in music are often more creative, organized and better set for success. This site will provide you the necessary resources to see your student thrive in the world of music!



Renting an instrument is an easy way for new band students to explore their musical interests. Renting is an affordable option to make learning more fun! Authorized Yamaha dealers provide service and support for Yamaha instruments that other stores cannot. When you rent a Yamaha instrument from an authorized Yamaha dealer you have complete peace of mind.

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Most authorized Yamaha dealers offer a musical instrument rental program and may have even partnered with your local school to provide instrument options for you. The typical "Rental Season" starts in August and many schools host "Rental Nights" for new band parents to learn about band and find an instrument for their new band student. Here are some things to know:

  • Plan ahead: Rental Nights are typically very busy. If possible, fill out a copy of the rental form beforehand. This will make the process go more quickly and smoothly.
  • Payment will vary between dealers. However, cheaper does not always mean better. Know which brand of instrument you are renting before considering price, because a cheaper model's repair costs may end up being more than the initial cost.
  • Beware of purchasing from unauthorized online sellers. If you're looking for more affordable or used instruments, authorized Yamaha dealers offer quality-checked instruments and can offer expert advice on whether to purchase or to rent.
  • Different dealers offer different rental agreements. Make sure rental terms are clear between you and your dealer.

For more information on what these agreements might look like, see our FAQ page!

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Yamaha instruments are designed and built to offer beginning musicians optimal support, assisting both learning and creativity. Thanks to "Vertical Integration", students using standard model instruments will experience professional level features that promote great performance habits and easy playability.

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Over decades, Yamaha has acquired an unrivalled reputation for quality and reliability. As a market leader, Yamaha will continue to be the driving force behind innovations. Students and their teachers will enjoy a durable instrument they can count on for years to come!

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The craftsmanship, intonation and playabiliy of Yamaha instruments set worldwide standards. Yamaha instruments are crafted for perfect playing comfort to assist any beginning musician and beyond.

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Yamaha partners with authorized Yamaha dealers to provide the best possible customer service. You receive expert advice about joining band and repair services for any instrument accidents.

Yamaha Instruments


Standard Flute

A member of the woodwind family, the flute is famous for its natural and soloistic sound produced by an embouchure hole rather than a reed.

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Standard B♭ Clarinet

Featuring a soft and rich tone, the clarinet is a woodwind instrument that can be made of either a durable plastic, or natural wood.

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Standard Alto Saxophone

Most famously heard in jazz ensembles, this versatile instrument is notable for its brass construction and is one of the world's most popular instruments.

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Standard B♭ Trumpet

Regarded as the soprano voice of the brass family, the trumpet is one of the most common wind instruments and can be found in almost all musical genres.

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Standard Trombone

Most noticeable for its slide construction, the trombone is a member of the low brass family capable of soft solo playing or adding power to the low end of an ensemble.

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Student Violin

The violin is a stringed instrument played with a bow and matches the range of the human voice. Sound is produced by drawing the horsehair of the bow across its 4 strings.

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The xylophone is a member of the percussion family. This instrument has a quality sound with a compact design that is just right for beginning percussionists.

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Ever instrument should come with an Owner's Manual that includes detailed instructions on how to take care of your instrument. Can't find it? All owner's manuals are digitally available under the downloads tab of that model. Need help finding it? Send us an email at BandAndOrchestra@yamaha.com!

Maybe. Most dealers offer both new and used instruments for rent. Speak with your dealer to be sure you know what you are getting. Though used instruments can play just as good as a new one if it has been serviced properly!

These details should be laid out in the rental contract. Make sure you understand the agreement before signing and speak with your dealer if you have any questions.

The rental period may vary from dealer to dealer. Some are month to month, others have an introductory period of several months. Be sure you understand the terms before signing the contract!

In many cases, yes! Speak with your dealer for more details about a rent-to-own plan.

Many dealers do offer some sort of maintenance plan, some even provide a loaner in the case that repairs will take a few days. Consult your dealer and rental agreement to know for sure.

This will depend on the rental agreement, but in most cases yes. If your student decides they want to play a different instrument, talk with your dealer to understand what options are available!

The first line of defense when it comes to renting is the dealer that you are working with. They are always happy to help and answer any questions!

Feel free to send any questions you might have about Yamaha instruments directly to us at BandAndOrchestra@yamaha.com! We can help you learn all about an instrument or help you find the nearest authorized Yamaha dealer.