House of Worship

Commercial Installed Sound

Quick and Easy Recall of Optimized Setup for Customary Events

“We have customary events throughout the year and need to easily and quickly prepare optimized audio setups accordingly without changing any system. The clarity of speech is a crucial point for those events and meanwhile quality sound is appreciated since we sometimes play music through the same speakers.”

This type of request is commonly found in house of worship or some educational facilities. In such an environment VXL series slim line arrays are the best choice as main front speakers for both auditory and visual reasons, delivering clear and well-defined sound in reverberant rooms. Here in the example each two VXL speakers are vertically connected to increase SPL and expand projection to ensure audience at the very back to hear the sound. Coverage is maximized and dead spots eliminated by placing VXS5 speakers on the left and right sides of the room. This arrangement provides clear sound for everyone present. The MTX matrix processor includes a Feedback Suppressor function that is also useful in this application. An appropriate setup that has been pre-programmed using the MTX-MRX Editor can be recalled via a single button, instantly setting up the system for central control. Day-to-day volume adjustment can be conveniently carried out via DCP control panels without having to operate the MTX processor.


Other Examples