About HS Series

Since 1969, Yamaha Pro Audio has been at the forefront of audio excellence, create a wide-ranging lineup of mixing consoles, power amplitiers, speakers and processors, each with the aim of becoming the new standard in their respective market.

A true highlight in our 50-year history is our monitor speakers, revered for their authentic sound reproduction. The NS-10M STUDIO monitors, which launched in 1977, was instantly beloved by numerous engineers, and earned a role in studios around the world. In 1998, our MSP5 powered monitor speaker made waves in the industry for providing stunningly faithful playback of the original sound. Then, between 2000 and 2008, our MSP/MSP STUDIO series encapsulated our cumulative expertise, setting the gold standard in professional studio sound with unrivaled precision.

image showing all the versions of yamaha studio monitors starting from 1977 till 2023
images of yamaha HS Series studio monitors

Yamaha has always insisted on complete fidelity to the original sound, as well as the nuanced reproduction of subtle changes of tone and position in the mix. These principles were exemplified in the HS series, which launched in 2005 with their iconic bright white cones. As the music production industry advanced, demanding high-bit and high-sampling rates, the HS series rose to the occasion, offering high-quality sound and accuracy optimized for the studio. In 2013, we infused decades of expertise and advanced technology into the next generation of HS series, enhancing it even further while setting a new benchmark for precision in sound.

The Yamaha journey to becoming the industry standard is a testament to our unwavering commitment to crafting the most accurate studio monitors available. And with the HS series, built to serve as the engineer's most trusted tool, we elevate this dedication to new heights. These monitors deliver unparalleled sound reproduction, reflecting the design principles Yamaha has always championed. Looking ahead, Yamaha remains relentlessly dedicated to discovering new innovations in studio sound.

image of package box for yamaha studio monitors