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Why Music?

By joining the school band or orchestra, your child will make fast friends and learn to work on a team. Plus, the cognitive and personal benefits of learning music, especially at a young age, have been extensively researched.

Music Reduces Stress


Music Increases Productivity


Music Builds your confidence


The Musical


A beginning band or orchestra student will learn how to read music, as well as study musical concepts such as melody, harmony, and rhythm. They'll start playing their instrument of choice and learn how to assemble and care for the instrument.

Beginner Musician


Once your child has the basics down, he or she will continue to learn more complex and different styles of music. Most school programs offer different kinds of ensembles: marching band, jazz band, wind ensemble or concert band, and/or orchestra.

Advanced Musician


After high school, your child will find opportunities to play music in college band or orchestra, or in community groups. On the other hand, they may want to play just for themselves, with friends or even professionally. The memories, musical skills and life lessons they learn in a band or orchestra will stay with them for their entire lives.

Young Professional Musician
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Choosing an Instrument

Ultimately, your child should play the instrument that they will enjoy the most. He or she may have the opportunity to explore different instruments at school before making a final decision. Of course, the band director may also assign a particular instrument to them.

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Parents Love Yamaha

Why Parents Love Yamaha

Once your child has decided what instrument they'll be playing, the next step is to find a great instrument that suits the player's needs and level. Yamaha is able to provide the highest quality instruments for musicians at all levels. Our standard models are recommended for beginning band students. As skills grow, Yamaha has the products to help them keep progressing as a player.

Parents Choose Yamaha

Yamaha has earned a reputation for outstanding quality, consistency and reliability. Our dedication to the field of music education, to excellent ongoing customer support, and to environmentally-responsible product manufacturing are just some of the reasons parents choose Yamaha.

Parents Love Yamaha

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