SEQTRAK Mobile Music ideastation New

Tone Generator AWM2, FM: 4 operators
Maximum Polyphony AWM2: 128, FM: 8
Wave Preset: 800 MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format), User: 500 MB
Effects Reverb × 12 types, Delay × 9 types, Master Effect × 85 types, Single Effect × 85 types, Master EQ 5 bands, LP-HP filters for each track
Number of Tracks 11
Number of Sounds Preset Sound: 2032 Preset Sampler Sound: 392 *Can be added from the SEQTRAK app
Number of Projects 8 *Can be saved to the SEQTRAK app
Connectors USB USB Type-C (power, MIDI to host, MIDI to device, audio)
Headphones [PHONES] (stereo mini jack)
A/D INPUT [AUDIO IN] (stereo mini jack)
MIDI [MIDI] IN/OUT *Only included cable can be used.
USB audio interface [Sampling Frequency = 44.1 kHz (quantization bit depth: 24-bit)] Input: 2 channels (stereo 1 channel), Output: 2 channels (stereo 1 channel)
Bluetooth MIDI transmission/reception (wireless capability varies by country)
Wi-Fi Data transmission/reception with dedicated app (wireless capability varies by country) The highest SAR value: 1.11 W/kg
Speakers 2.3 cm, 1 W
Microphone Internal MEMS microphone
Power Source Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (2,100 mAh, 7.6 Wh) USB Power Delivery (PD) (Output voltage: 4.8 V to 5.2 V, Output current: 1.5 A or greater)
Power Consumption 6 W
Battery life for continuous use 3-4 hours
Battery charge time 3-5 hours
Dimensions Width 343 mm (13-1/2")
Height 38 mm (1-1/2")
Depth 97 mm (3-13/16")
Weight Weight 0.5 kg (1 lb 2 oz)
Packing Box Width 420 mm (16-9/16")
Height 90 mm (3-9/16")
Depth 165 mm (6-1/2")
Included Accessories USB-C to USB-C cable, dedicated MIDI Converter Cable, Quick Operation Guide, Safety Guide
Dedicated Software SEQTRAK app
Sequencer Block Maximum Steps 128
  • *For Android devices, the USB audio interface function may not work properly if an application other than the SEQTRAK app is used.