DTX502 Touch

What's new in Ver.2.0?

Hybrid Setup wizard

Hybrid setup wizard is your own personal assistant that can help you quickly and easily combine acoustic and electronic elements together to make one composite sound.

Save & Load One kit

You can now backup and restore your favourite User Kits to and from the application.

Direct access to YAMAHADTX.com

Direct access to browse YAMAHADTX.com enabling you to download and install new User Kits directly from YAMAHADTX.com.

Smart View

Swipe to select any Kits. Control an extensive range of parameters from the modern graphical user interface, allowing you to fine tune the Yamaha DTX502 series to precision.

Pad Customizing

Create new kit configurations; assign new drum voices to each pad. Then take total control by customising the parameters of each individual pad.

Enables access to previously unavailable parameters such as pad tuning, cymbal and hi-hat size.

Access the Tempo and Metronome settings with a single touch.

Mixing Control

Mixing and control the sound balance with clear view.

New Features for DTX502 Touch Ver. 2.1

Choose/personalize background color.

Data Manager Screen Added

Data exchange with DropBox is now possible.

Now handles Wave and SongData.

Now handles multiple backups in All Data.

Added Kit Finder Function.

Automatic recognition of music genre for music transferred to iPhone/iPad, and a function to recommend a drum kit to match the song from the drum kits contained in the DTX502.