EAD10 - Rec'n'Share App Overview

Play with the World

Pick a song from your music library, and the app's tempo detection lets you add a click, change the tempo and select sections to repeat. It's practice made perfect.

Record, Mix and Edit Multi-Track Audio and Video

Connect a compatible Yamaha instrument to your smart phone/tablet (*1) to simultaneously record video from your phone's camera, stereo digital audio from your instrument and stereo backing tracks from your music library. After recording, use the app's editing functions to trim and balance the tracks.

Share with the World

You can upload your finished performances to YouTube / Facebook / Dropbox / Instagram (*3). Whether you’re uploading YouTube covers or collaborating on recording original songs, Rec'n'Share lets you share your music with people all over the world.

(*1) To use the app, you will need to connect your smart device to DTX/EAD using a USB B-type to Lighting iOS or USB-C for newer Androids, and a USB-C to Micro USB adaptor for older Androids.

(*2) The USB Type-B (male) to USB Type-C (male) cable can also be used for computers equipped with USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports

(*3) It is also possible to record only your performances without backing tracks.

(*4) The data uploaded to SNS is limited to your own original songs, sound sources, or those licensed from right holders.