Superior Response that Lasts

The KP100 features a softer, more responsive head for an improved feel that will enhance your overall performance. The entire head has been reinforced with a protective coating, bolstering durability and extending the life expectancy of your kit, regardless of your playing style.

Room enough for Double

With its enlarged surface area and sturdy construction, the KP100 can easily accommodate Double Foot Pedal, giving you the improved stability and accuracy you need for double kick performance and allowing you to play to your fullest potential.

Silence is Golden

Our extensive research and development has resulted in a design that features a smooth depression surrounding the drumhead, effectively preventing vibrations from being transmitted to the surrounding body. Now you - and anyone within earshot - can benefit from a significant reduction in unwanted during your practices.

[Measurement conditions]

An anechoic chamber located on Yamaha premises is utilized to collect sound using measurement microphones placed in close proximity to the surface of the kick pad. A Yamaha-unique method is utilized to strike the drum surface with uniform strength.

[Analysis conditions]

One third octave band analysis:

A weighting (IEC 61672-1) is used to perform compensation adjustments based on human hearing.

Time trend analysis:

500Hz-1kHz with a 10 ms time constant.

Spectrogram analysis:

93ms resolution at 10 Hz.