Compact Body, Full-Size Sound

Despite their compact size, which some guitarists find more comfortable to play than larger instruments, CSF Series guitars feature increased bass response and overall loudness resulting in a surprisingly full, rich and vibrant sound.

The Secret to Great Resonance

CSF Series guitars utilize scalloped bracing, which delivers rich, full-bodied resonance comparable to that of a full-size guitar. Additionally, the use of forward-shifted construction maintains the strength of the body while maximizing the resonance of the guitar top.


CSF3M E-Chord

Full-Size Guitar (FS800) E-Chord

Solid Top or All-Solid Construction

The CSF is available as a solid-top CSF1M and CSF-TA or an all-solid CSF3M. All models feature solid, Sitka spruce tops and mahogany back and sides.

Durable Gig Bag

CSF Series guitars come with a durable deluxe gig bag for easy transport.

Passive Undersaddle Pickup

CSF1M and CSF3M are equipped with undersaddle piezo pickups. With an individual sensor under each string, these pickups deliver superb sound when connected to an amplifier or PA system. The passive design, inspired by our L Series acoustics, doesn’t require batteries. It’s a simple and convenient solution for the studio or stage.