YH-WL500 Wireless Musical Instrument Headphones

Ultra-High Speed Wireless Stereo Headphones for Musical Instruments

Yamaha YH-WL500 headphones were designed in collaboration with Line 6—combining decades of expertise in audio and wireless technologies. Featuring ultra-low latency response, and optimized for use with musical instruments, they also provide Bluetooth® support.

DTX drum module in soft focus. Drum sticks & YH-WL500 in charging dock on top of a home desk.

Designed and Optimized for Musical Instruments

Optimized for use by musicians who want to enjoy the freedom and convenience of wireless headphones while playing through any amplifier, multi-effects processor or instrument with a headphone output.

Drummer playing DTX electronic drum kit while wearing YH-WL500 headphones in a home setting.

Ultra-Low Latency

Thanks to exclusive Yamaha ultra-high-speed technology, musicians experience less than four milliseconds of latency, perfectly preserving the timing and feel of their performance when practicing.

Graphic showing how the semi-open back design allows ambient sound intake

Semi-Open Design

YH-WL500 headphones are exceptionally comfortable to wear, and their semi-open design greatly reduces ear fatigue, making them ideal for even the longest practice sessions.

Looking over the shoulder of someone wearing YH-WL500 headphones with right hand holding a phone.

Bluetooth® Support

Bluetooth® capabilities make it easy for players to play along with tracks in their music libraries.

Latency Comparison

While the maximum acceptable latency (playback delay) standard for professional musicians is 10 milliseconds, YH-WL500 headphones achieve ultra-high-speed transmission of less than 4 milliseconds. This provides a wireless playing experience equivalent to that of using a cable, something that was previously impossible with Bluetooth® headphones (which can have up to 200 milliseconds of latency).

Graphic showing difference in transmission speed between YH-WL500 and ordinary Bluetooth headphones.

YH-WL500 Wireless Musical Instrument Headphones

Ultra-High-Speed wireless stereo headphones for musical instruments.

  • Ultra-low latency (less than 4ms) preserves timing and feel
  • Specially optimized for musical instruments
  • Semi-open design reduces ear fatigue
  • Bluetooth® connection for music playback
  • Up to 9 hours of battery life

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