GC / GCX Series

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Top Materials

All models in the GC Series feature solid tops and backs that provide the characteristically rich tone. Both spruce and cedar tops are available throughout the lineup letting you choose according to your taste in sound and appearance.

Wood Selections

Wood is “alive” and must be prepared carefully over a long period of time in order to be suitable for use in an acoustic guitar. Even then, no two pieces of wood are the same. It takes a tremendous amount of skill and experience to be able to select the right woods and combinations of woods for an instrument that will bear the Yamaha name.

Neck Shape

The neck on GC Series guitars are hand-shaven by a luthier who feels the curvature of the neck, which ensures a perfect fit for smooth finger movement and solid stability.

Bracing Pattern

The bracing pattern, an essential element that defines the guitars tonal character and response, was devised by Antonio de Torres in the 1880s. Over the years, Yamaha has improved upon its shape and design, which produces greater volume and response, a bright and clear high end and rich bass.

* Bracing shape and design vary for each model.

Saddle Fit & Bridge

The saddle captures string vibration transferring it through the bridge and on to the top. The relationship of these three components — saddle, bridge and top — is extremely important on a guitar. Using their advanced skills, our craftsmen fit the saddle into a groove in the bridge with a high level of surface-to-surface contact. The bridge is also precisely positioned and glued on top with unparalleled accuracy.


Shellac is a natural finish made from the resin secreted by the lac bug native to the forests of India and Thailand. Multiple applications of thin layers of shellac allow the top to vibrate freely delivering superior response and resonance. Shellac also allows the wood to breath freely, so the longer the guitar is played, the sweeter and deeper its sound grows. In addition to a great deal of skill, applying the shellac also requires a great deal of time and effort.

*only for GC82S and GC82C