BB Series Discontinued

Creating A New Standard

Yamaha reinvented a legend with the new BB basses. Applying the advancements in knowledge, technology, and skills gained since their introduction over 30 years ago, the BB development team has created a design that delivers powerfully rich tone, excellent attack and sustain, immense volume, and overwhelming presence. The new BB features passive pickups and a bolton necks, and is available in three lines ranging from the custom shop 2024/25 models, to the 1024/25 production versions with nearly identical specs, and the 424/25 models offering many of the same high-end features.

Creating A New Standard

Diagonal Body Thru Stringing

BB Basses incorporate “Diagonal Body Thru Stringing” where strings are secured to a diagonal cut on the back end of the bass and pass through the instrument to the bridge at a 45º angle. The traditional method in which strings are bent induces stress when transmitting string vibration.

Diagonal Body Thru Stringing significantly reduces transferring string vibration to the body reliably and efficiently. Strings can also be set to the tail end of the bridge.

Vintage Plus Bridge

Are equipped with the newly developed Vintage Plus Bridge. The Vintage Plus Bridge is designed with a diagonal cut at the string’s contact point on the saddle to form a more stable fulcrum and obtain a clear, well-shaped sound.

Brass saddles supply a deep low-end and the steel bridge plate produces fast response.All screws and springs are made of stainless steel to guard against corrosion.

Spline Jointed 3-Piece Body

Three-piece bodies are joined together using spline joints between the center and side slabs.

Made of hard maple the splines deliver richer body resonance that comes close to that of a one-piece body. Also, mounting the bridge and neck to the center slab ensures the transfer of more string vibration energy to the body.

5-Piece Neck: Bolt-on Joint

The 5-Piece maple and mahogany laminated neck resists warping and twisting. It adds the tight and sharp character of maple combined with the warmth of mahogany to the instrument’s tone. Bolt on design delivers a sharp attack, quick response and crisp sound.

* BB1000 and BB400 series basses feature 5-Piece maple and nato laminated necks.

YGD Designed Pickups(BB2000/1000 Series)

Pursuing a passive sound, pickups were specially developed in cooperation with YGD (Yamaha Guitar Development). Open-faced designs allow pickups to capture more string vibration while bladed magnets handle dynamic rock playing styles such as aggressive picking. Alnico-V magnets on the front pickup deliver a warm deep tone while ceramic magnets on the rear deliver excellent punch.

Tuning Machines & String Guide

Tuning machines and the string guide are positioned to provide optimum string tension and balance.

Pickguard & Metal Plate (BB2024X/2025X/1024X/1025X Series)

Pickguards, metal control plates and metal knobs give the X models great Rock looks.

Nickel Silver Nut (BB2000/1000 Series)

The metal nut is made from the same material as the frets to deliver an open string sound that is closer to that of a fretted note. Compared to plastic or bone, nickel silver is more efficient at transferring string vibration.

A.R.E. / Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (BB2000 series)

A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) is an original wood reforming technology developed by Yamaha. Through precise control of temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure, the molecular properties of the wood can be manipulated into a more acoustically ideal condition, similar to the molecular characteristics of woods in instruments that have been played for years.

I.R.A. / Initial Response Acceleration (BB2000 series)

If you've ever played another guitarist's instrument and not been able to get the same sound, it's probably because you are playing a different style than what the guitar is used to. After playing the same guitar for years, the guitar adapts to the guitarist's playing style. It takes time for a new guitar to adapt to your own way of playing. Stress found between parts like finish, woods, body, neck, fingerboard, nut, bridge, etc., must be released before all of the parts can resonate together as an instrument. It takes time and a lot of playing for this to happen.Using IRA technology, stresses like those between the finish and wood are release by applying specific vibrations to the completed guitars. Once this treatment is complete, the guitar responds accurately to the guitarist's performance, and produces sound more easily. It also shortens the time needed for the guitar to adapt to your playing style. And it delivers excellent sustain.

Hardshell Case (BB2000 series)

Durable, lightweight hardshell case included. 1000 series comes with a gig bag.