• ・Yamaha's first electric bass, announced together with the SG2 electric guitar.
  • ・Equipped with unique specifications such as a zero fret, metal-covered bridge, two single-coil pickups, open-gear tuning machines with plastic buttons and rear-mounted strap button.



  • ・Neck through construction with a maple and mahogany laminated neck and an alder body.
  • ・The base model for the BB series, which continued with the BB2000, 3000, and 5000 models.
  • ・Reverse-mounted neck pickup provides a fat tone for the D and G strings, and more accurate sound for the E and A.



  • ・A unique series that stood out among the Yamaha bass lineup at the time, which was centered around the BB series.


ATT LTD with Billy Sheehan

  • ・The first Billy Sheehan model, incorporating many of Billy's concepts into the design.
  • ・The fundamental design, including body shape, pickup configuration, control system, and the scalloped fingerboard, was based on discussions with Billy Sheehan that took place at YGD.

Billy Sheehan


  • ・A new high-end multi-string series developed with knowledge acquired through building custom instruments for artists, and created at a time when multi-string basses were beginning to gain popularity.
  • ・Traditional Yamaha's neck through construction, continued from the BB series.
  • ・Multi-layered body, newly-designed pickups, pre-amps, and a machined brass bridge with internal piezo pickups.


BB NE with Nathan East

  • ・The Nathan East model, developed in cooperation with Nathan East himself, who also cooperated with the development of Yamaha's first 5-string bass, the BB5000.
  • ・In order to give it a powerful bass and clear sound despite its slim body, a great deal of time was spent on determining the right characteristics for the pickups and preamp in particular.

Nathan East

TRBJP with John Patitucci

  • ・The John Patitucci model, perfected through a long process of trial and error in answer to the requests of this top bassist.
  • ・Although the pickups are shaped like single-coil pickups, which offer a clear sound, they feature an internal coil that is split into two, allowing them to cancel out any hum.

John Patitucci


BB3000MA with Michael Anthony

  • ・The Michael Anthony model, developed with Michael Anthony, who has used the BB series since his days with Van Halen.
  • ・Modeled on the BB3000, the pickups of this instrument are laid out with a reversed treble and bass, as in the BB1200.

Michael Anthony



  • ・Many artists were involved in the development of the BB2024X, beginning with the conceptual stages, and continuing through to the prototyping of all component parts at YASB.
  • ・Emphasis on the projection of sound when playing live.



TRBX debut!
This is the bass you've been waiting for.