Electric Guitars



Revstar offers finishes inspired by café racer motorcycles, along with advanced pickup switching options, for players seeking a new style or sound.

Pacifica Electric Guitars

Originally designed in collaboration with Yamaha Guitar Development (YGD), our Los Angeles custom shop, Pacifica guitars have offered professional performance and expressive versatility since 1990.


Archtop guitars are boundless in time and tradition. Yamaha crafts some of the finest archtops in the world – our artists have known this secret for years.

GigMaker Electric Guitar Package

Electric guitar packages include everything you need to play guitar live!


Mike Stern's signature model has been refreshed with Initial Response Acceleration (I.R.A.), a wood treatment and finish exclusively by Yamaha. This technology shakes off the stress often found in new guitars and makes them extremely vibrant and responsive. The PAC1611MS comes with a certificate personally signed by Mike to prove this guitar was perfectly crafted to his specifications.