REVSTAR Series Discontinued

Every Revstar features custom-wound pickups designed to perfectly match the character of each guitar.


Workhorse looks combined with a deep belly cut, all-new neck joint and forearm contour for all-night comfort. No compromises.


Used in place of a signature in Japan, the hanko stamp on every Revstar guitar is our seal of approval.


Inspired by custom bike parts, Revstar's hardware features unique designs engineered from the finest materials.


Custom-mixed colours drawn from Japan's engineering heritage and raw, organic textures designed to tell your story with every inch of wear.



Designed from the ground up, Revstar features specially-wound YGD pickups that are perfectly matched to each guitar. More than 50 prototype pickups were tested featuring different combinations of wire, windings, magnets and base plates. Eventually, a spec was settled on for each guitar model and the Revstar pickup series was born.


Alnico V magnet, German silver baseplate and heavy formvar wire for punchy, dynamic, articulate tone and the perfect balance between gain and clarity. [8.4k (neck) /8.8k (bridge) DCR]

VH5 : RS820CR / 720BX / 620

Alnico V magnet, German silver baseplate and heavy formvar wire for bright, powerful, balanced, vintage/modern sound. [8.4k (neck) / 8.8k (bridge) DCR]

VT5 : RS720B

Alnico V magnets, brass baseplate and underwound polyurethane wire for clear, ringing, low-output tone. [4.3k (neck)/4.9k (bridge) DCR]

VP5 : RS702B / 502TFMX / 502TFM / 502T / 502

Alnico V magnet, German silver baseplate and plain enamel wire for clear, vintage tone with bite. [8.3k DCR]

VH3 : RS420

Alnico V magnet and German silver baseplate for powerful, open tone.

HH3 :RS320

Ceramic magnet and brass baseplate for powerful, punchy tone to match the solid nato wood construction of RS320.

Dry Switch

Dry Switch

Designed especially for Revstar, the Yamaha proprietary Dry Switch gives you the versatility of a coil split, but with tone that's miles ahead. Using a passive filter circuit painstakingly designed to give the perfect frequency response, the Dry Switch filters out low frequencies to give the punch and clarity of a single-coil pickup without the inevitable hum and hollow tone often associated with split humbucking pickups. The Dry Switch works on both humbuckers and P90s for a totally unique, usable tone.

Custom Hardware

Inspired by the stripped-down, custom Café Racer motorbikes popularized in the 1960s, Revstar hardware captures their high-performance and individual character. From their unique pickup covers and raw copper scratchplate on the Revstar Professional to the custom, floating aluminum tailpiece on the RS502T, each and every component is perfectly calibrated for great performance and unmistakable style.

Custom Hardware Custom Hardware Custom Hardware Custom Hardware

Comfort-Contoured Body

Revstar is a workhorse through and through, but that doesn't compromise its comfort and playability. With every contour designed from the ground up to look and feel great, the Revstar body features a deep belly cut, hidden forearm contour and a newly-designed neck joint for outstanding upper fret access.

Initial Response Acceleration (I.R.A.)

Using I.R.A. technology, stresses between parts like finish, woods, body, neck and fingerboard are released by applying specific vibrations to the completed guitars. Once this treatment is complete, the guitar responds accurately and produces sound more easily. It also shortens the time required for the guitar to adapt to your playing style and delivers excellent sustain.

The Effects of Initial Response Acceleration

The Effects of Initial Response Acceleration

*Brighter colors indicate increased volume (greater resonance)

*This is a graphic representation of the effects of Initial Response Acceleration