PSR-S775 Discontinued

Yamaha Expansion Manager is compatible with Genos, PSR-S series and PSR-A3000.

Yamaha Expansion Manager allows you to customize expansion content for your instrument

Please refer to manual for further detail.

Data Management

Have you ever wanted to install more than one Expansion Pack to your instrument at the same time? Now you can install contents from various packs to the PSR-S series and PSR-A3000 simultaneously using Yamaha Expansion Manager.

With Yamaha Expansion Manager, you can manage Voice, Style, Registration, and other contents, select your favorites and create a Personal Pack, efficiently using the instrument’s on-board memory.

Arrange the Voice and Expansion packs for your instrument.

  • Firstly, import your favorite Pack Project files (.ppf file)
  • Select Voice, Style and related data
  • Combine data from various packs and create an original Pack Installation file (.ppi file)
  • Using the Pack Installation file you made, Install it to your instrument via USB flash drive.

*You need to save the Instrument Info file of your PSR-S series and PSR-A3000, and import the file to Yamaha Expansion Manager in advance

Not only Data Management, but more!

In addition, you can create your own original voices and drum kits from your recorded sample data.

Voice and Drum kit creation

Import your own recorded sample data (.wav, .aif, .aiff) or SoundFont (.sf2).

Build your own voices by adjusting various detailed parameters of the sound.

Create your unique Voice and Drum kit!

*You cannot combine onboard + external voice elements, nor edit the onboard Voice.

**Release date, specification and appearance are subject to change without notice.

***Technical data may vary from country to country.