NP-15 Piaggero 61-Key Keyboard

A light, portable piano-style keyboard with just the functions you need

The NP-15 keyboard with 61 keys is perfect for playing your favorite pop songs or simple classical pieces. While the keys resemble those of a piano, they offer a lighter touch that's perfect for beginners. And, if you want to practice in privacy, just plug in your headphones and play to your heart's content! With its modern design and intuitive features, the NP-15 is sure to become your new favorite musical companion.

Main Features

It's just so light! You can take it anywhere

"Piaggero," the name of the NP-15 Series, combines "Piano" with the word "leggero," a musical term meaning "light." And it is. Even for a portable keyboard, it's so lightweight you can take it anywhere. Indoors, outdoors, or even on a trip. Feel free to take it to your favorite places and practice!

A person carrying the Piaggero in their arms

Powerful, resonant sound

Our acoustic technology furnishes the Piaggero’s powerful sound—one that belies its compact size, featuring resonant grand piano-style bass notes and beautifully detailed treble tones.

The Piaggero features the breathtaking sound of a Yamaha full concert grand, the CFIIIS, with a bright, transparent tone, a spacious treble, and an overall solid sonic feel.

A diagram showing ripples of sound spreading out from the Piaggero's built-in speaker

Basic operations are effortless and easy

The Piaggero is the perfect introduction for those who love piano. Its modern design incorporates traditional piano elements, while focusing on only the most essential functions, making it easily usable and allowing anyone to operate it intuitively.

A close-up of the simple button interface

Enjoy a light keyboard feel

Maybe you want to learn how to play the piano, but the keys feel so heavy you believe your fingers will tire out. Or maybe you think your fingers aren’t strong enough to play sufficiently. Don't be discouraged - try the Piaggero! Its light keyboard feel allows everyone to experience the joy of playing a keyboard.

Even with its softer touch, the Piaggero’s sound changes realistically in response to the force of your keystrokes, enabling you to enjoy acoustic-like expression.

The hands of a person playing the Piaggero

Link with Smart Pianist for even more convenience

Connect your instrument to our Smart Pianist app, developed exclusively for use with Yamaha digital pianos, for even more intuitive operation right from the touchscreen of your smart device.

*You can also use the UD-BT01 (sold separately) to connect to apps via Bluetooth MIDI.

The Yamaha “Smart Pianist” app icon, together with a tablet placed on the music stand of the Piaggero

Dimension & Connectivity

Dimension and Connectivity image

NP-15 Piaggero 61-Key Keyboard

The perfect musical companion for the beginner pianist. 

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