MQ-8314LT 14” Single Field-Corps Marching Tom

Maple Shells

Yamaha maple shells have been proven through the numerous DCI championships and High Percussion awards won by Yamaha supported marching ensembles, has been chosen for the shells. Original Yamaha high-pressure high-pressure Air-Seal System forming technology creates maple shells that exhibit sharp attack and wide dynamic range for complex, expressive sound.

High Tension Tuning Supported

In addition to an aluminum insert ring inside the shell, large washers are provided below the lugs to allow high-tension tuning. Shell deformation is prevented, and pitch remains stable.

Extra Deep Cut

The shell is notably deeper than normal, for stunning power and projection.

Air-Seal System Shells

All Yamaha marching toms are made using Yamaha's patented Air-Seal System which ensures that the shells start round and stay round: an in-round shell tunes clearer and provides a pure fundamental tone.

45 Degree Bearing Edge

The 45° bearing edge allows each drum to speak clearly creating precise articulation.

Aluminum Die-Cast Lug Design

The light, die-cast aluminum lugs are designed with a unique arch-shaped center. This Yamaha original design decreases surface to surface contact between the shell and lug permitting the shell to vibrate freely and resulting in greater tone production. This in turn results in greater tone production. The 8300 lug design are 50% lighter and 12% stronger than the 8100 lug design. The arched lug design allows the shell to breathe while reducing weight.

Tension Rod

5.4mm steel tension rods provide easy, consistent tuning without adding unnecessary weight. Double steel washers allow for a smooth tuning adjustment at any tension level.


The 2.3mm steel Ultra Hoops with unique inward profile help protect the bearing edge from mallet sweeps. The rims also ensure true tuning and shape retention, even under extreme tension and heavy rim shots.

Yamaha Remo Clear Pinstripe Crimplock Head

This head is an ideal choice for high tension tuning, bringing out the full resonance of the shell.

New Badge Design

A sophisticated badge design adds a touch of class to the new series.