MS-6300 Power-Lite™ Series

Size lineup

Available in 13" and 14" inches.


The birch plywood shell provides a sharp attack with a full tone as well as shell strength in a lightweight design. Three air holes vent the shell to promote immediate snare response and enhanced projection.


The steel, triple flange rim maintains proper tuning and enhances low-end partials of the drum's tone.


Zinc alloy lug casings with reinforced walls and webbing provide superior strength for high-tension tuning.

Strainer Throw-off

A simple release-side strainer has an easy-to-reach snare tension adjustment, and a rubber sleeve that minimizes noise when engaging the lever. Drum key bolts secure the wire snares so that extra tools are not required when changing the bottom head.


20 straight cable snares provide a bright, quick and effortless snare response.

Nylon and Steel Washers

For minimal friction while tuning, a steel-nylon-steel set of washers is utilized.


Exclusive to Yamaha, three removable feet eliminate damage to the bottom components of the drum when placed on rough surfaces.