MS-9414 Series

Maple Shell

Exclusive Air Seal system ensures a solid, consistent round shell allowing the augmented maple shell depth to provide a warm tone with excellent presence and projection that blends with any ensemble.

Reduced Weight

Hardware improvements and manufacturing reduced suspension ring height (1), and removing select material in the top and bottom high-tension hoops and suspension ring (2) reduced the weight without compromising durability or sound. The lighter SFZ minimizes stress on players throughout the most competitive performances.

Improved Snare Response

Additional air holes increase articulation and snare response without reducing volume and improves the player's performance experience.

New Strainer Design

Strainer design and knob shape allows quick fine-tuning and consistent snare tension while adjusting.

New Top Hoop Shape

A larger radius at the top of the rim enhances rimshot tone and reduces stick damage.

Streamlined Tube Lug and Gravity Guard

Modeled after our concert snare drums, the lug post design, made of lightweight aluminum, creates a modern look and improves durability, while the revised gravity guard prevents the tension rod from slipping.

Aluminum Insert Ring

A snare-side, aluminum insert ring is standard and maintains stable pitch even when high-tension tuning is used.


The top head is a Remo White Max type, and the bottom head is a Remo Clear Ambassador.

Chrome-Plated Hardware * MS-9414CH and MS-9414SCH only

Unique Yamaha chrome-plated hardware is durable, yet it creates a stunning, customized appearance.

*Chrome parts include top and bottom hoops, suspension ring, lugs, lug posts and strainer.