MQ-6300 Power-Lite™ Series

Air-Seal System Shells

All Yamaha marching multi-toms are made using Yamaha's patented Air-Seal System which ensures that the shells start round and stay round: an in-round shell tunes clearer and provides a pure fundamental tone.

45° Bearing Edge

The 45° bearing edge allows each drum to speak clearly creating precise articulation.


The Maximum Tonal Projection (MTP) cut offers an articulate sound and a focused fundamental. Extensive research into the cut has resulted in a design that delivers maximum performance from the shell while providing optimum balance between each of the toms.


The 6-ply birch and beech shell balances warmth with punch and strength, while the Air-Seal System of manufactoring ensures the shells start round and stay round. An in-round shell tunes clearer and provides a purer fundamental tone.


Lug casings have reinforced walls and webbing with a zinc, die-cast construction to maintain structural integrity during play and transport.

Tension Rod

5.4mm steel tension rods provide easy, consistent tuning without adding unnecessary weight, for minimal friction while tuning under high tension, a steel-nylon-steel set of washers is utilized.


The 1.6mm. triple flange steel rims provide tuning flexibility and enhance the low-end partials