CB-9000 Series 9000 Series Concert Bass Drums


New Shell Design

Uses a maple shell that has both high-impact deep bass and a delicate finish. A dark wood stain is applied to give the drum a luxurious finish.

Fixed Mount System

The concert bass drum is a low-pitched musical instrument. Yamaha adopted a system that firmly fixes the main body and stand to each other. Compared to the method of suspending the instrument in the air and vibrating it freely, the deep bass vibration is reliably transmitted to the floor. This achieves a deep bass and core tone that are required for bass drums.

Solid Steel Hoop

Solid Steel Hoops

Since the distortion is much less than that of a wooden hoop, the tension from each tension rod can be applied evenly to the head around the drum. It produces a deep sound with a core that cannot be obtained with a wooden hoop, and it is relatively easy to tune allowing the player to install a calfskin head if desired.

Tension Rods

A newly designed collar is built into the tuning rod to prevent noise and realize a smooth operation feeling when tuning. This allows each tension rod to have a smooth motion which reduces stress during the tuning process.

REMO Nuskyn Head

REMO NuSkyn heads have an attack and sustain that is close to that of a calfskin head. These high-quality heads offer attack and sustain that is like natural skin, along with a deep, rich resonance.