YMRD-2900A 4 1/2 Octave Intermediate Acoustalon™ Multi-Frame™ II Marimba

The YMRD-2900A is a 4.5 octave, Multi- Frame II marimba based on a combination of the YM-4900A resonator design and YMRD-2400 bar and frame design. The wide body design for lower bars enables superior tone and projection. The Acoustalon bars with Sonic Tone Holes provide the most realistic sound to Rosewood with unparalleled durability and consistency in all types of weather. While the gas shock height adjustment capability is both smooth and convenient, the square reinforced frame maintains a sleek, modern look. Durability has not been compromised as the 6" wheels make pushing the marimba over grass, turf or gravel easy.

YMRD-2900A 4 1/2 Octave Intermediate Acoustalon™ Multi-Frame™ II Marimba

Three-position resonator slots, adjustable frame and horizontal leg supports

  • Exclusive Yamaha tuning method ensures true pitch and full sound.
  • Acoustalon™ bars, produced from fiberglass reinforced plastic in a one-step manufacturing process, provide exceptional durability and a pure tone; the scientifically designed Sonic Tone Holes produced in this process give Acoustalon™ bars a tone similar to rosewood.
  • Resonators feature a cut-away design to reduce overall instrument weight and a 2-tracking system that allows resonator height adjustment for pitch and tone control.
  • Graduated tone bars, a professional feature, promote full tone quality and projection.
  • Height adjustable frame with pneumatic struts allows one person to easily adjust the height to a comfortable playing position.
  • Lower crossbar support helps to ensure the integrity and life of the contemporary-styled frame.
  • 1 1/2" square piping on three sides of the instrument is included for mounting accessories.
  • Hinged resonators and rails, along with a two-piece crossbar, make tear down a simple task.
  • Oversized casters allow for easy movement of the instrument. Two casters lock on the player's side; the locks, which are easy to reach, secure the instrument during playing.

Multi Frame II Assembly Series – YMRD-2400 & YMRD-2900A

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