CSM-AII Series Outstanding attack and versatility

Shell Design

A revised shell design achieves beautifully warm tone that also has outstanding snap and clarity. An 8-ply maple shell is constructed using the patented Yamaha Air-Seal System™ ensuring the shell stays perfectly round. The Yamaha Air Seal system is one in which an air bag is placed inside the shell and inflated at high-pressure to put even pressure on the shell’s inner surface to create perfectly round shells with uniform thickness. The thicker shell facilitates even finer detail and expanded expressive capability.

Shell Depth

The lineup includes two shell sizes: the 5-inch CSM-1350AII, the CSM-1450AII and a 6 1/2-inch CSM-1465AII.

Q-Type Strainer Release

Compact and easy to operate, the Q-type strainer lets you tighten or release your snares quickly and quietly.

REMO Heads

REMO Diplomat drumheads provide a focused tone.

Straight Cable Snares

Coated straight cable snares are ideally matched to the drum’s head for superior sound.

30°/45° Double-Cut Bearing Edge

The unique 30°/45° bearing edge allows the middle ply of the shell to vibrate first and then spread through the remaining plies of the shell. The increased speed of vibration results in a more focused, articulate sound.

Extra Deep Snare Bed

An extra deep snare bed results in improved contact between the snares and the bottom head for notably enhanced snare response. A deeper bed also provides a quicker snare response and a crisper tone.

Three-Piece Tube Lugs

A unique, three-piece tubular lug is used to reduce shell contact and improve resonance, thus enhancing the natural vibration and tone of the shell.

New Badge Design

A sophisticated badge design adds a touch of class to the new series.